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Care Sheets

The reptile industry can have a lot of varying opinions and recommendations when it comes to things such as temperature, basking temps, humidity, diet, and more. At The Lizard Lounge we are committed to providing the most amount of information about everything you need to know about your pet or potential pet. We have our own care sheets as well as links to various other care guides so you're equipped with as many ideas and knowledge before you set up for an animal!

Leopard Gecko Care Sheets


Bearded Dragon Care Sheets


Crested Gecko Care Sheets

Care Sheets: Tips & Inspiration

Blue Tounge Skink Care Sheets


African Fat Tailed Gecko Care Sheets


Chinese Water Dragon Care Sheets

Care Sheets: Tips & Inspiration

Savannah Monitor Care Sheets

Dog House

Giant Day Gecko Care Sheets

Dog Collar

Fish Frenzy

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Care Sheets: Tips & Inspiration
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