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Holds and Deposits

We will hold any animal for up to 2 weeks without a deposit. If you message us very interested we will put them on hold immediately and you'll have 2 weeks to either put down a deposit or pay in full. Otherwise, the animal will be made available again.

If you would like to hold the animal for longer than two weeks you'll have to put down a 25% deposit. That deposit is good for 2 months and we will continue to hold the animal. If you cannot pay the remaining 75% then your deposit is surrendered without the ability to receive a refund. 

If there are unusual circumstances we are more than willing to work with you paying off an animal, but please let us know ahead of time or request to do a payment plan. More info on those down below.

Store Policies: Return Policy

Enclosure Checks

Why We Do Them

Here at The Lizard Lounge we try our best to set an example and set the bar high for care of our reptiles. We also like to make sure people are really prepared for the animals they are about to take in.

After your purchase, we will email you a list of questions and request some pictures of the enclosure you have prepared for your new reptile. In order for us to ship or even think about shipping, we want to make sure you have everything 110% ready to go for when your new pet arrives.

This is a bit of extra work on our end and yours, but it promotes responsible adoption and that is what we should all be striving towards.

Store Policies: Warranty Disclaimer

Live Arrival Guarantee

We offer both a Live Arrival Guarantee and a 30-day Health Guarantee. 

If an animal is DOA you must send us a message and picture evidence within 30 minutes of the delivery dropoff time given by FedEx. In the case of a DOA you will receive either a 100% refund or another gecko of your choice that is of an equal or lesser value.

We do not ship out an animal unless it has been in good health. We will cover the costs of treatment for any animal that we've sent if there's something that appears within the first 30 days. You must inform us of the issue the moment you notice something is wrong.

Store Policies: Shipping Policy

Payment Plans

*coming soon*

We will have more options for payment plans integrated later this year. If you're looking to do a Payment Plan for an animal listed currently please message us and we can try and work something out. 

We are more than happy to do payment plans on animals however no animals will ever be shipped until the animal is completely paid off and we've completed an enclosure check.

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