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The Lizard Lounge: August Newsletter

Hello there! I know I know I'm a little late, but just as promised here is our update for all things The Lizard Lounge for this month!

So the reason this is coming out a little late is because I got to spend this past week in nature, and with family. Some very high quality time outdoors up in the Sawtooth's in Idaho. It was a very much needed break from things here in the real world and I got to spend time where my grandpa used to take us (me and my extended family) when I was growing up.

I have many fond memories of the Sawtooth's, as it was the highlight of every summer. I most looked forward to what may have been the smallest herping session ever. We literally would flip over the "snake log" that was out back of the lodge we usually stayed at. There was always one little garter snake hanging out, possibly the same one, who we'd always visit. We would also go fishing (catch and release) nearly everyday and there's quite a few cool spots, my favorite were and still are the Dredge Ponds.

Here's a mini recap of what we did up in Stanley this time around!


Photos from Idaho


Me overlooking Snake River in Twin Falls ID


We went river rafting, fishing, hiking and also got to just chill out!


The view at the end of our hike at Redfish Lake Lodge


I was excessively nervous leaving the house and all my animals for an extended period of time (4 whole days) but everything turned out alright. I came back and everyone was just fine as I had left them. Very happy nobody got sick or died, not that I expected it, but you know how brains think sometimes when you aren't able to watch over things.

All in all, it was a very great vacation, I feel ultra refreshed and there's much to be done here over the next few months. Things are feeling very exciting!




One of those things is new merch drops! We will have one each month like I previously promised!

This is our new merch design for August! Mudkip with some axolotl buddies! 💙💜

Mudkip is one of my favorite Pokémon (my first starter) so I had to get him in one of the designs. Also works great because their initial game design was originally based off of axolotls! That’s clearly the whole point of these designs, and why I love them so much!

They are available for purchase now on the website, I also just added the option to choose your size as you add items to cart, rather than have you type it in the notes! So go check that out for me it’s clean ✨

Again sorry this drop was delayed, the next drop on 9/1 should be pretty sweet as well I’m already working on it with the designer 👀




Also starting this week!!! I will be trying to do livestreams every Friday night on Instagram (thelizlounge) 📸 to showcase my animals and just sit and chat with everyone. We will do the full shebang introductions, tours, genetics, egg updates, and talking about all the important stuff going on in the hobby.

If you're not already following here is a link:

I'll be doing the livestreams essentially right as I get home from work every Friday, so start times might be varied, however I'll be trying to go live for at LEAST one hour each night if not more so there will be plenty of time to stop in and say hi!

Also you're more than welcome to watch if you're a bit shy!

That is about all I have for you guys for this month I am very excited for the livestreams and showing you guys my projects more in depth. I have a very big announcement for September but I guess you'll just have to wait a month to find out...

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