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Baby Geckos, More Merch, YouTube + Almost Spooky Season!!!

Ahhhh September is here! The month just before October, which is by far my favorite month. I cannot wait to do a ton of photoshoots with all the animals with skulls and skeletons. I actually just went and got some decorations this week to start preparing for them!

But that is just the TIP of the iceberg for the announcements this month we have some INSANE things going on over here at The Lizard Lounge and it's so much I feel like it's a shame to cram it all in one little newsletter.

Baby Giant Day Geckos!!!

We just had baby Giant Day geckos hatch and they are sooooooo cute and sweet! I love them more than I'd ever thought I could love a insurance agent. These little Geico geckos hatched on 8/28 and 8/29 and they're actually my first eggs to hatch here at The Lizard Lounge! I never got any locks on my leopard geckos this year, mostly due to me not having the equipment at the start of the season. It got me started late and when I started introducing my geckos everyone was already getting eggs or already hatching them. Then I just never made enough time to pair them up (I would only do it if I could supervise initially). Then I realized I was being just as overprotective as my parents... but by then it was already mid July. It's all good though having these babies hatch made me EXCESSIVELY excited for January and I've pulled out all the stops to make sure I have anything I could possibly need in place ready to roll for this upcoming season.


I just officially launched The Lizard Lounge YouTube channel here on Saturday September 3rd!

If you saw that I was launching it on Wednesday at midnight.... no you didn't.

As you can kind of tell already from this update there is a lot going on here at the house and so I've been a bit behind on everything. This email was supposed to come out on Wednesday, the announcements for merch came out a day late, I just now have posted about the second day gecko baby this morning.

And to make it alllllll that more burdensome, I'm filming and documenting it all. I have 3 additional separate YouTube videos filmed already and in the pipeline for our new channel!

  1. What is The Lizard Lounge?

  2. Meet My Black Nights

  3. My Newest Edition to my Reptile Room!

  4. Giant Day Gecko Baby Setup 2023

Plus I have a bunch of other plans for videos, product reviews, and tough topic discussions lined up through the end of November.


Things are just flowing like crazy for me so I will be apologizing a lot until I can get a consistent schedule to keep up with everything!

Here is a link to the video if that plug-in doesn't work for some reason... please go watch!


We now offer a limited number of plushies here at The Lizard Lounge, obviously we have the Pokémon line of merch but now you're able to get some of the corresponding animals and fictional creatures in them! I am still waiting on a couple extra of these products to come in from my supplier (they're actually stuck in customs).

But to kick off the launch we have Rayquaza and Shiny Rayquaza! Along with an axolotl that's from Minecraft. I'll be getting in more normal looking axolotls as well in the near future. And lastly LECHONK who isn't in any of our designs because:

  1. He's not a reptile so it doesn't really work unless I had a pig

  2. I don't have a pig nor plan on it unless I had a farm

  3. I don't think I'll be able to have a farm for quite sometime sadly

BUT! that doesn't mean we don't absolutely love and adore Lechonk.

*More plushies are on the way and I am super excited to show you what we will have!*

Go ahead and check them out in the shop now!

Kecleon Drop (September)

Our merch drop for September which is usually the first item on these newsletters was announced yesterday on our social media but it's another phenomenal design. We've got Kecleon and Shiny Kecleon both riding atop a Panther Chameleon. Again another perfect crossover from Pokémon with the real life counterpart.


On top of new plushies and new merch! I have launched all of my products over on Etsy in an attempt to reach a larger audience. I am hoping that some extra sales there can help lead to getting all my own equipment to produce my own merch and make it more affordable. I have bigger plans than just using it for myself but this is a venture I am super excited to talk more about in the future when it's all lined up!

However I do need a big favor, if you check out the page and click on products, it boosts me as a seller and more people will see my stuff.

I appreciate you making it this far in the email. Props to you!

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