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Breeding Projects

What Are We Working On?

The Lizard Lounge is going to start off 2022 with a BANG! Our first breeding project will be working with Black Nights, however we won't have any available for the public until mid-2023. The parents for our project came from Rough Road Reptiles. They aren't pure Black Nights but they sure do look like it.

They are 75% Black Night Mack Snows pos het Tremper pos het Eclipse

We're currently crossing the males out to a couple Mack Super Snow Eclipses, attempting to get some Pandas!

The females I may attempt to test for their possible hets on the other side with a proven Tangerine Tremper male I have here in my collection. It all depends if I get locks and can make the space selling off the last of my rescues at my first reptile show!

Breeding Projects: About
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