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COVID19 NOCO Delivery

While we have stopped shipping for the year that doesn't mean we have stopped all sales. If you're in Northern Colorado we are currently doing non-contact meetups in 6 cities which are:

1. Loveland
2. Fort Collins
3. Longmont
4. Thornton
5. Boulder
6. Denver

We will also meetup in other locations across Northern Colorado these are just the places we already have meetup spots in.

Shipping Information: Store Policies

Shipping Info

We use Ship Your Reptiles for all our live shipments. We ship overnight Mon-Wed which means animals will arrive the following day Tues-Thurs before noon.

You MUST be home the day we ship and we will be checking in with you the day prior to confirm. We do this before we even head out to FedEx to send your little one out and if we don't hear back we will not ship. Live Arrival Guarantee is only good for 30mins so please be aware and vigilant. I don't want to see them die, and I know you don't either.

Click the button below to see the Live Arrival Guarantee. 

We have made Shipping a flat rate of $50 so that it's simple and doesn't have to be calculated. We are completely fine taking a little loss on shipping if the animal is going to a good home that's prepared properly. Delivery is to the continental US ONLY. Eventually we would like to be able to ship internationally but that is not in the picture quite yet.

Shipping Information: Store Policies

Shipping Explained


Shipping Information: About
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