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Welcome to The Lizard Lounge

Rescuing, Rehoming, and Breeding reptiles since 2018

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New Merch!

Pokémon 1.0 Collection

Charizard, Greninja, and Treecko meet up with your favorite real life animal counterparts.
Well Leopard Geckos aren't necessarily fire breathing dragons but I can pretend right??? 
This new collection is just the start of an extended merch line I want to start, plenty of designs will be added the the Pokémon Collection going forward but also some other practical and abstract designs are in the works!

charizard geckos logo_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 3.png
charizard day geckos_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png
greninja frogs geckos_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 4.png




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"Soak up some sun"

- Casper (if he could talk... that's probably what he'd say)

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What is The Lizard Lounge?

The Lizard Lounge has two facets:

1. We take in animals who need new homes, and help find them the right homes.

2. We work with specific animals and genetics to breed and produce high-quality pets, showcase reptiles, or animals you could use to breed with yourself!

Rescue & Rehoming

The Lizard Lounge rescues reptiles from homes where they're being neglected and from homes where they can no longer be taken care of.
(ie moving, time restraints)



At the Lizard Lounge, we really want to take a big step towards more "ethical breeding". We've taken the step to move into a very large house with lots of space. Our first leopard gecko pairings are happening this 2022 season. We have big plans for breeding in the future and hopefully will be breeding more than just leopard geckos as we expand over the next few years.

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COVID19 NOCO Delivery

While we have stopped shipping for the year that doesn't mean we have stopped all sales. If you're in Northern Colorado we are currently doing non-contact meetups in 6 cities which are:

1. Loveland
2. Fort Collins
3. Longmont
4. Thornton
5. Boulder
6. Denver

We will also meetup in other locations across Northern Colorado these are just the places we already have meetup spots in.

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